Co-Generation in the beverage industry
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Beverage industries must deal with several strides before their end-product lands in the hands of the customer. In the context of manufacturing, it starts with sourcing raw materials, building a production cycle that takes care of all the steps in a repetitive and sustained manner, managing waste, storing the bottled products at the facility and regularizing supply to stores through a logistics chain.

Energy utilization is a key component in the production chain. If not leveraged strategically, it can trigger a domino effect leading to higher manufacturing costs, elevated carbon footprint and reduction in profits.

A co-generation facility is an ideal beverage-market-fit as companies can achieve long-term sustainability without compromising on quality of their products. This system by its very nature enhance the efficiency of the production processes and limit the consumption of fossil fuels within the company through concurrent usage of electricity and thermal energy. The input to the system could either be natural gas or bio-methane generated from the waste-water purification plant.

An example of a cogeneration facility built by FILTER for a client

Electricity Process and Bottling machinery
Steam Distillation, Fermentation, Disinfection of the lines
Hot Water In phases like washing, bottling, cellars and Heating premises
Cooling Refrigerators for storing the bottled products
Table illustrating the simultaneous outputs from the engine and their direct applications in the beverage facility

On successful implementation of the gas-based co-generation system, the beverage client will be able to improve plant efficiency (derive energy efficiency certificates), have a low carbon impact on the planet and commit itself to sustainability by saving water.

FILTER is an international engineering, procurement and construction company based out of eastern Europe and specializes in co-generation facilities. We offer complete turnkey solutions covering all phases from concept development through design, engineering, integration, installation on site, commissioning and servicing the facility (under a maintenance contract) to achieve highest process-uptime. Till date, we have commissioned more than 300 MWe worth of Combined Heat and Power Plants.