Filter group companies has a continuous and successful cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of energy and water treatment equipment. Filter companies are authorized sales and maintenance partners of several manufactures. Representative authorities may vary on different markets, but in design and construction of solutions the same trusted and approved suppliers of the equipment are used by Filter companies.

FILTER offers high-quality equipment mostly to industrial plants undertakings, boilerhouses, combined heat & power and water treatment plants: boilers, burners, gas engines, water treatment equipment, chemicals, valves, pumps, analytic systems, laboratory equipment, automation components and systems for different industrial processes.

We provide spare parts and auxiliary equipment for all abovementioned equipment.
We offer a wide range of pumps for various applications such as chemical and petrochemical industry, food and drink industry, water treatment and supply, wastewater, district heating and many others industrial application areas. Qualified personnel will be glad to discuss and consult you regarding any questions related to the usage of pumps and pumping systems in your industrial processes.

Laboratory measuring systems provide safe, reproducible and retraceable results satisfying the requirements of international standards.

A comprehensive range of the highest quality products is available for the control and efficient use of steam, industrial gases, water and other fluids. These products can be provided to make up systems. Systems that are engineered and supplied by Filter are guaranteed to work effectively to the customer's satisfaction.

Filter helps to choose the right product, provides automation products and educates its customers in configuration and commissioning. Offered product range is easy to configure, easy to operate and easy to maintain. There are many different products for different necessities that help our customers make an easy choice.

The modern requirements of high process stability combined with low operating costs and resource consumption simply could not be met without high-precision on-line measurement. We sell a high quality range of water on-line analyzers for following parameters:

Filter has gained leadership in home markets with its complete solutions for industrial, heating and municipal water treatment systems. We design and construct water treatment stations and sell wide range of water-treatment equipment. Our experience and knowledge finds support in many cooperation partners.

We offer a wide range of high-quality heat exchangers from selected manufacturers. Our extensive experience and technical expertise ensure the highest efficiency of each specific heat exchange solution we offer for HVAC, industry, power plants, marine industry, and other fields. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

We offer high-quality and energy efficient heating & cooling systems