Electromagnetic flowmeter 400x400
The Spirax Sarco ELM Flowmeter For liquids including water and condensate

With the cost of utilities on the rise, it’s never been more important or rewarding to measure and monitor your water usage. The Spirax Sarco ELM (electromagnetic) Flowmeter allows users to accurately measure and monitor the flow rate of electrically conductive liquids such as impure water, pulps and pastes. The ELM is a crucial first step when implementing an effective energy consumption or costs reduction exercise in any facility. The ELM provides a solution for the measurement of fluids for:

  • Cost centering – to identify which processes or boilers are consuming higher than expected amounts of water.
  • Condensate return – measure how much water you’re returning to your system.
  • Liquid transportation – understand your flow patterns and peaks.
  • Energy conservation – track efficiency measures and identify problem areas.