Un-Fired Steam Generator

FILTER’s frame-mounted generator design is a specialized steam producing thermal-exchange unit aimed to function in specified climatic conditions. The generator is powered by a thermal source of customer’s choice. It is comprised of a heat exchanger, a separate water treatment unit and other essential supplementary parts – blowdown system, water level control, temperature control and safety equipment.

This integrated generator system is ideally suited for industries requiring overheated and pressurized water for their production processes and in need of significant amounts of saturated steam.
Un-Fired Steam Generator
 APPLICATION  Food processing, Timber industry, Pharmaceutical production

Technical Data
 Parameter  Value  Unit
 Steam capacity  100 – 6000  kg/h
 Steam pressure  1 – 5  bar.g*
 Heat output  50 – 3500  kW
 Environment  Indoor  -
 Design lifetime  ~ 20**  years
 Operating temperature range  15 -35***  °C
* dependent on supply heating water temperature, **in compliance with supplied maintenance manual,
*** system may trip beyond 40 °C

Service and Maintenance

The generator has been designed for optimal operation and minimum service requirements by eliminating components that come with high risk failure and maintenance needs.

* Detailed examination of system in a knocked-down state

* Computation of water treatment parameters through a logbook
* Visual inspection of leakage, pressure reduction in piping, vibration and noise
* Benchmarking of overall system control


There are a range of options to chose from in order to have it designed exactly the way you want (Made-to-Order).

 Heat Exchanger  Customizable dimensions and choice for connection type
 Softener  Simple or Twin design
 RO Unit  Ability to modify based on required functionalities
 Quantitative  Carbon filter, Water tank and Booster pump could be augmented as required
 Type  Choice for conductivity or time-based
 Cooling Tank  Customizable dimensions