We offer high-quality and energy efficient heating & cooling systems

Small and middle size substations
Substations are ready to use plug-n-play systems supplying hot water for both the tap water & space heating circuit. The space heating supply can be connected to radiators and floor heating (3 circuits maximum) For domestic hot water there is used very effective and reliable self acting controller with integrated sensor, but also the possibility to have a recycling pump on the domestic hot water circuit. A flexible solution for one-family houses up to 6 apartments.

Key benefits:
  • Always sufficient, stable and hygienic domestic hot water supply
  • Space-saving design – extremely thin means low weight and quick installation
  • Individual metering of tap water consumption and use of energy
  • Offers the lowest return temperature on the market

Large substations
Our large substations offer customized solutions according to customer needs and the requirements of the building providing:
  • Domestic hot water & space heating: 4 circuits maximum
  • Space heating only
  • Cooling

Key benefits:
  • Pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-wired – ready to go
  • Top quality backed by unique and outstanding expertise
  • A very energy-efficient solution thanks to optimal heat recovery & low return temperatures
  • Supervision via customer’s laptop, smartphone through Siemens cloudservice