Audit of pumps and pump systems with consequential improvement of pump systems includes various operations: starting with mapping of pumps and finishing with evaluation of efficiency of the pump system as a whole.
pump audit
Mapping of pumps

Mapping of pumps (general and/or detailed) involves entering into the database of all the pumps installed in one project site, with subsequent assignment to each of the aforementioned pumps of a range number. The site pump inventory is analyzed and an average number of required serviceable spare parts is calculated/identified and listed in order to guarantee prompt provision of important spare parts for the pumps. The pump range number facilitates the search for a certain pump from the database and further prompt provision of the right spare parts for a particular pump type. General mapping enables inspection of pump units and evaluation of their physical condition. Detailed mapping involves besides visual inspection and evaluation alignment of pumps as well as a check of the working condition of bearings, couplings, pulleys and other parts.

Audit of pump system

Audit of pump system involves mapping of pumps, with subsequent creation in accordance with the pump database of a stock of spare/service parts, which ensures prompt delivery of pump spare/service parts. Additionally, a maintenance schedule for pumps is developed in order to prevent emergency/unplanned downtimes, generally regarded as the most expensive time in industry. Energy efficiency solutions for the smaller parts of the system also prove to be cost-effective. Decisions must be based on the analysis of the system as a whole. The recorded profile of the pump workload (shows where company can save money). Analysis of the existing system as well as planning of energy efficiency enhancement targeting measures must take into account also the future needs /requirements. Filter AS have specialists with in-depth expertise and a vast wealth of practical experience in this professional field, which enables us to offer high-quality equipment and high-level professional services. The procedure of evaluation of the efficiency of pumps and pump systems involves inter alia the aforedescribed detailed mapping.

Enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability of pumps

Optimal configuration of pumps prevents wasteful consumption of energy. Pump audit involves pump alignment check, bearings vibration metering, and inspection of the working condition of couplings, pulleys and other parts, as well as recording/comparing the performance characteristics. The gathered data is used to determine the actual operating point, which is further compared to the prescribed performance characteristics. On the basis of the collected data an overview of the system operational efficiency is made and necessary recommendations for the improvement of the latter are given accordingly. Following such recommendations can make operation of all the system pumps more effective and economical, thus reducing significantly the life cycle cost of the equipment.

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