Today, our customers face tough challenges, from rapidly rising fuel prices, to tightening safety and environmental legislation, to shortages of specialist skills. As an experienced and knowledgeable expert in steam systems, can help address such issues associated with their plant through our Steam System Audits.
Audits are tailored to your process or application and your budget. They can include the complete steam distribution loop, starting with the water treatment plant, right through to process applications and condensate return. We can scope an audit to fit your needs, for instance it can be focused on energy efficiency, health & safety or best practice.

We are able to analyse the entire system and its operation. Each audit is designed to your particular requirements and conducted by experienced engineers. Following the on-site work, a detailed and comprehensive report is produced and presented back to you.

  1. Steam Trap Survey includes steam trap tests with special equipment, inventory listing with the test-based analysis report and calculation of return on investment.
  2. Inspection of Steam & Condensate System Technical Condition includes steam- and condensate system pipeline visual inspection according to the good engineering practices and established requirements, and a report on improvement measures.
  3. Steam & Condensate System Audit involves the activities described in chapters 1 & 2.
  4. Inspection of Boiler Plant Technical Condition includes boiler plant visual inspection according to the established requirements, with the corresponding report and improvement action plan.
  5. Boiler Plant- and Steam&Condensate Systems audit involves the activities described in chapters 1 & 4.
  6. Steam & Water heating substations load audit is Steam & Water heating substations technical condition assessment according to the technical standards including measurements, pump/pumps suitability assessment, calculation of energy savings and return on investment.
  7. Boiler Plant and Steam & Condesate Systems technical condition audit and actual load/consumption measurement involves the activities described in chapter 5, as well as installation of different gauges and feasibility study analyses.
  8. Thermal energy audit includes all of the above mentioned.

Auru audit

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