Heating & Cooling Solutions old

District heating is a growing market all over the world. We are offering the most energy efficient solutions within this market with a product range supplying:

  • Domestic hot water (DHW) and space heating combined
  • Domestic hot water
  • Space heating
  • Cooling
We offer 2 types of solutions to our customers:

  • Standardized solutions: ready to use plug-n-play systems
  • Customized solutions: preconfigured solutions following customer’s needs and the requirements of the building 

Our Applications:

  • Any type of building: individual and multi-family houses, apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals, offices, schools, sport centers, factories… for new installations and renovation projects
  • Any heating source: district and community heating networks, cooling circuits, local boilers and renewables
  • Any capacity: up to 10 MW 

More information on:
Large heating substations
Small and middle size substations