Probably, district heating system water treatment task may initially seem simple or even primitive. However, looking deeper into the situation, the district heating water appears to be of great importance; especially it is particularly noticeable in winter period when water being incompetently treated may cause major accidents or even the local disaster. For example, 1mg oxygen is able to oxidize 4 mg of iron from your heating system pipelines. Can you imagine how much iron will be oxidized, if the heating system is filled up with 100m3 of water with oxygen content of 10 mg/l? There will be oxidized up to 4 kg of iron!

At the same time, district heating water treatment has its own special characteristics such as the ability to cover emergency feed water amounts which tend to be far above average system indicators.

When choosing the water treatment technology solution, there should be taken into account both the diversity of materials used and the different heating systems solutions.

Is your district heating water treated properly qualitative?