It is rather hard to imagine the product or field of an industry in which, directly or indirectly, water is not used. In such industries as agriculture and food industry, metalwork, textile industry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, hospital and laboratory, chemical industry, public service sector and, of course, the energetics water is used in full.

Like for any living organism, the water is one of the most important elements also in the field on industry. Because of industrial diversity, there are different requirements on water quality, for example, in one case it is possible to be confined to drinking water while in the other case desalination or even deep desalination is needed to produce ultra-pure water for manufacturing of nowadays most delicate products.

Increase in production volumes worldwide has a great impact on total water consumption that in fact is constantly growing. Nowadays entrepreneurs and their team of engineers follow production processes very much, so that through high-quality water used production process would operate more effective, whilst utilizing smaller quantities of water and producing higher quality product in order to become market leader within own sector.