There are many products in content of which there is no water at all, however; for such product manufacturing the water is used in significant quantities. For example, in such industries as textile industry, electronics or mechanical engineering the water is of great importance directly in rinsing technological process.

Just as important as the product water is also the rinse water. This sort of water is indirectly involved in the production process and still strongly affects the quality of the manufactured product. Thus, in order to maintain high product quality, the water quality must be higher than the quality of the product. Only in such a way, it will be possible to maintain high production results.

The rinse water can be divided into two groups: product rinse water and equipment washing water (CIP - Cleaning In Place). A quality of rinse water has a direct impact on the product quality, shelf life, consumption of rinse water and finally on the product price and competitiveness in the market.