If waste water could been dubbed a book, we would read all information regarding your company - what kind of water is used for production, what kind of products are manufactured, in what level is a production process, which detergents are used and how sparingly water resources are used. Choosing the right wastewater treatment technology, it is necessary to carry out rather detailed and carefully research. Nowadays, waste water treatment technological possibilities are without any borders, even starting from applying biological, physical and chemical methods.

Like in the energetics sector, where the cheapest is the saved energy, the situation of waste water appears to be similar. For this reason, often before dealing with wastewater treatment, efficiency of production process should be assessed and probably some improvements are needed to significantly affect the amount and quality of waste water.

Analysing one or another treatment technology, the main evaluation criteria would certainly be efficient choice of area, time saving, energy content, necessary personnel and the costs.