Filter AS is an official representative of BOSCH Industrial boiler technology. We offer various shell boilers as single- or double-flame tube boilers and optional, integrated, fourth smoke tube pass for utilization of waste heat.
The Unimat 3-pass design has proven its worth thousands of times in practical applications. The Unimat heating boiler is offered in various sizes and can also be used in a pooled-output multi-boiler system.

The UT-L is used particularly readily in hospitals, homes, office buildings, residential complexes as well as throughout all sectors of industry. Its high level of flexibility makes the UT-L ideally suitable for use as a reserve and peak load boiler at heating power stations and combined heat and power plants.

The proven Unimat 3-pass design has been used for decades – with overwhelming success. The UT-M is offered in various sizes and can also be used in a pooled-output multi-boiler system. It is CE certified and is designed and equipped in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

The UT-M's exceptional performance is most evident in central heating systems for local and community heating. But this versatile hot water boiler is also used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial heating applications.

The Unimat UT-H is a shell boiler with one flame tube, built in a 3-pass design. Flue gases flow through the flame tube and smoke tubes on the inside and boiler water flows around them on the outside. The flame tube, internal water-flushed rear flue gas reversing chamber, first smoke tube and second smoke tube are all arranged for optimum flow within the cylindrical pressure vessel.

The main areas of use of the UT-H hot water boiler are local and district heating generation, all sectors of business, the processing industry, heat suppliers and public facilities. These boilers are also used as base load, peak load and reserve heating boilers at district heating plants.

The Unimat UT-HZ hot water boiler is a shell boiler in 3-pass design with two completely separate flame tubes and flue gas passages. This double-flame tube/smoke tube boiler has been in use for decades and is built with separate flue gas passages. This means it is suitable for operation with just one burner.

The UNIMAT UT-HZ hot water boiler is deployed in all areas where very large amounts of heat are required. The main areas of use are district heating generation and the processing industry.

With the Logano SK655 and the Logano SK755, Buderus offers steel boilers with outputs ranging from 120 kW to 1850 kW. The Logano SK655 is available with heating outputs ranging from 120 kW to 360 kW, the Logano SK755 covers the output range from 420 kW to 1850 kW. These boilers feature reversing combustion according to EN 303 for oil or gas. They are suitable for fuel oil EL to DIN 51603-1, natural gas or LPG to DVGW G 260. The boilers can, as an option, be operated with matching pressure-jet oil and gas burners to EN 267 and EN 676, for sufficient heat output. The boilers are made of steel and are designed for a maximum safety temperature of 120 °C (shutdown temperature of the high limit safety cut-out).

GE615 series is a cast iron sectional boiler for use with pressure jet burners. This boiler is a low temperature boiler that complies with BS EN 303 for oil or gas combustion with modulating boiler water temperature control and no minimum return temperature.