With the Logano SK655 and the Logano SK755, Buderus offers steel boilers with outputs ranging from 120 kW to 1850 kW. The Logano SK655 is available with heating outputs ranging from 120 kW to 360 kW, the Logano SK755 covers the output range from 420 kW to 1850 kW. These boilers feature reversing combustion according to EN 303 for oil or gas. They are suitable for fuel oil EL to DIN 51603-1, natural gas or LPG to DVGW G 260. The boilers can, as an option, be operated with matching pressure-jet oil and gas burners to EN 267 and EN 676, for sufficient heat output. The boilers are made of steel and are designed for a maximum safety temperature of 120 °C (shutdown temperature of the high limit safety cut-out).