FILTER manufactures steam and hot water boilers Vapor. Boilers large power range 1.0 to 33 MW allow their use in large-scale industrial processes, as well as smaller applications.

Steam Generators

Clayton Steam Generators burn gaseous fuels, light oil and heavy oil, as well as combinations of these fuels.

Considerable advantage of steam generators compare to the water boilers :

• Extremely rapid response to changes in the demand for steam. Steam generator will speedily ramp up and run at maximum steam output continuously without faltering. Well suitable for different cyclical consumption industires- food production, laundries, hospitals ect
  • High efficiency on low load
  • Low Space and Weight
  • Because there is relatively little water in a steam generator:
    • Fast start-up Considerable advantage of steam generators - full capacity in 10- 20 minutes from cold start.
    • Safety- explosions cannot occur with the Steam Generator. Even if there is a leak in this coil, the energy cannot be released instantaneously.
    • During standstill energy losses are small